Saurav Adhikari, Strategy Consultant & Senior Advisor, Shiv Nadar Foundation

"Without passion, the world doesn't move" and Saurav Adhikari has found himself following his passion in any job that he has picked up. With around 20 years of experience in HCL, having spent 15 years at Unilever followed by getting recruited by Pepsi Co. post-liberalisation and having spent few years with the ACB group, he now works with the Shiv Nadar Foundation. He has shifted his career from FMCG companies to a durable goods company and then to something like technology, something he never thought he will venture into and finally now, where he works with developing literacy programs and deals with art from mostly South Asian countries. Here, he talks about the importance of integrity, honesty, professionalism, the importance of taking a leap of faith now and then, superior understanding of the basics of any process and how more than resources, it's the vision of people that leads to proper implementation and actualisation of goals. He stresses upon the importance of education towards nation-building and how he is doing his bit to contribute.

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Every failure has lessons for sowing seeds of the next success.

Saurav Adhikari

Without passion, the world doesn’t move forward.

Saurav Adhikari

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